AutoTrade is a service provided to TradeKing customers so that they can take advantage of the recommendations made by newsletters to which they subscribe. There isn't any additional charge for this service and the standard commission fees apply.

To Set Up AutoTrade:

AutoTrade Terms and Conditions  Select this link to access documentation that must be signed and returned to TradeKing prior to acceptance to the AutoTrading service. Instructions for processing are on these documents. We must have these documents before you will be approved for autotrading.

SEC Disclosure This link provides important information regarding AutoTrade services that all potential AutoTrade users should read and be aware of.

Not a newsletter subscriber? If you aren't already a newsletter subscriber, you can select the "newsletters eligible for AutoTrade" link that will take you to the newsletters currently available for this service. Once you have subscribed to a newsletter return to this page to complete the sign-up process.

My Subscriptions

Select a Publisher: a publisher with whom you have newsletter subscription.
Select a Newsletter: once a publisher is chosen, newsletters offered by the publisher will be listed here.
Select a Rule: these rules allow AutoTraders to set the amount they would like to invest or trade for each newsletter recommendation.

Trade amount? Type right on top of this text, it will disappear. Enter the amount appropriate to the rule selected previously; a dollar amount, number of option contracts or shares of stock or a percentage based upon buying power, cash available or total account value.
Add Service: select Add Service to send your choices to TradeKing for approval. Your selection will appear as Pending until a broker at TradeKing confirms that we have received the Terms and Conditions and AutoTrade Limited Trading Authorization. In addition, we need to confirm with the newsletter publisher that you are subscribed to the newsletter submitted. Once this is done we will approve your request and autotrading on newsletter recommendations will begin.


Activate: the current status of this newsletter is inactive, it will not be considered for opening or closing recommendations from the newsletter publisher.
Deactivate: the current status of this newsletter is active, it will be considered for opening or closing recommendations from the newsletter publisher.
Pending: this newsletter is pending approval from TradeKing requiring the Terms and Conditions, AutoTrade Limited Trading Authorization and confirmation of subscription from the publisher.
Edit: selecting the edit link will take you to a page that allows you to change the rule and trade amount for this newsletter.
Delete: selecting the delete link will allow you to delete this newsletter entirely.
Cancel: selecting the cancel link will allow you to cancel newsletters pending approval.